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Cosmetics industry

The OQEMA Polska offer for the cosmetics industry includes a wide range of raw materials used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, household chemicals, and the production of candles. For many years, we’ve been serving key manufacturers of white and colour cosmetics, dermocosmetics, medicinal products, medical devices, and professional cleaning agents.

Among our partners are:

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Evonik – a producer of products including Aerosil brand fumed silica, supplied to clients in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries;

Sasol Performance – a producer of vaselines known as Merkur and Vara, used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as Sasolwax waxes, used in cosmetology, pharmacy, and candle production;

Berg&Schmidt – a German producer of oleochemicals, emollients, emulsifiers and surfactants as well as many specialised raw materials;

Textron – a Spanish supplier of a wide range of vegetable oils, mixtures, and derivatives used in the production of cosmetics, and in spas;

Pacific Oleo – a Malaysian manufacturer offering a full range of fatty acids and glycerine;

Alberdingk Boley – a German producer of castor and linseed oil with various refining and hydrogenation melts, as well as many other raw materials used in the technical sector;

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Cosmetic materials

OQEMA Poland offers a wide range of raw materials for the cosmetics industry. We work with the German company Berg & Schmidt, which produces oleochemicals, emollients, emulsifiers, and surfactants. We are the exclusive representatives of Evonik, which manufactures fumed silica (Aerosil), among many other products. We sell vegetable oils from the Spanish company Textron, used in the production of cosmetics, and in spas. We distribute Sasol Performance products, including Vaselines (Merkur, Vara) and Sasolwax waxes. In the distribution of cosmetic materials, we only cooperate with reliable and reputable producers.

Pharmaceutical raw materials

The OQEMA Poland product range is updated on a regular basis and responds to the needs of the dynamically changing market. That’s why we’ve added pharmaceutical materials to our offer. We only work with certified suppliers. Our offer for the pharmaceutical industry includes components such as Aerosil®, ketoconazole, lactoferrin, lanolin, petrolatum and petrolatum, paraffin, and castor oil.

Raw materials for candle production

OQEMA Poland cooperates with Sasolwax, the European leader in the production of wax for flooded and pressed candles. The waxes we distribute are the highest quality and purity.