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Food and Feed

OQEMA is a distributor for European producers of food materials.

We represent the following producers on the Polish market:

ITALGELATINE – a European producer of the highest quality pork and beef gelatines for the food and pharmaceutical industries

JUNGBUNZLAUER – a producer of sodium lactate, potassium lactate, mixtures of lactates with acetates or diacetates, and 80% lactic acid for food and animal feed

NEDMAG – a producer of food and feed grade GMP+ calcium chloride and feed grade GMP+ magnesium chloride

STERNCHEMIE – a producer of standardised sunflower, rape and soybean lecithin in liquid and powder form, special lecithin components used in the production of instant milk powders, hydrolysed sunflower lecithin, coconut milk (coconut cream) powder, and red RSPO palm oil

SOLBAR – a producer of Solgar soy protein isolates and Solcon S soy protein concentrates

WILMAR – a producer of Wilcon soy protein isolates and concentrates

We offer and develop our own brands of the following raw materials:

  • Food phosphates - STPP
  • Skimmed soy flour, soy grit
  • Texture soy, pea, wheat, steaks, and soy meatballs
  • Collagen pork protein
  • Collagen beef protein

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Distribution of food additives

OQEMA Polska extensively distributes functional additives and natural raw materials for the food industry. In this regard, we offer a wide range of raw materials and ingredients necessary for production in the confectionery, bakery, dairy, meat, poultry and fish industries, as well ingredients necessary for obtaining and refining vegetable and animal oils and animal fats. In Poland, about 330 different additives and about 90 natural aromas and flavours are allowed for use in food. Providing customers with health safety is the most important issue, which is why OQEMA Poland has always placed a special emphasis on the safety of the food additives that it offers.